12 Sivan 5784 — יב סיון התשפד

Early Childhood Education

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academys Early Childhood Center offers a hands-on, developmentally appropriate approach to learning within an integrated curriculum. Our developmentally academic program is aligned with current preschool standards and defined by Jewish values.

Hillel children appreciate living a Torah way of life. We surround and imbue our children with rich Jewish values and middot, and promote intrinsically positive Judaism within our school culture. Zionism, Israel and Ivrit are central to Hillel.

Research documents the benefits of developmentally appropriate work and play that span across a childs intellectual, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical development.

Children learn by doing. At Hillel, children are encouraged to think, explore, discover, and problem solve to create meaning as they develop shared understandings.

Our children develop good character, self confidence, resilience and grit, attributes that lay the foundation for a strong and positive identity and a genuine love of learning. Our expert educators collaborate, facilitate and guide our students, providing them with a safe, nurturing, differentiated and challenging environment in which to grow.