12 Sivan 5784 — יב סיון התשפד

About Hillel

Our Mission

Hillel's mission is to teach, empower, and inspire Jewish students with Zionist Orthodox values in an innovative, nurturing, and child-centered environment.


Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, a Parent & Me through 8th grade Orthodox Jewish day school, is committed to developing well-rounded, engaged and confident students and citizens by offering developmentally appropriate, challenging, and highly creative educational programs in a nurturing, child-centered environment.

The Academy is dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth and well-being of each student. Hillel recognizes the uniqueness of every child, and the principles of pride in oneself and concern for others are integral to our teaching of Torah values and middot.

We commit to the belief that the centrality of the State of Israel (Medinat Yisrael) is paramount to our Torah values. The love of one Jew towards another (Klal Yisrael), as well as respect for our diverse world and its communities are vital components of the educational experience.

Hillel's mission is to teach, empower, and  inspire Jewish students with Zionist Orthodox values in an innovative, nurturing, and child-centered environment.

Portrait of a Hillel Graduate

  1. Academic Excellence in General and Judaic Studies
    The Hillel Graduate is able to think critically and creatively, is ready to perform with distinction at the next academic level, and is committed to lifelong learning.
  2. Intrinsic Judaism
    The Hillel Graduate exhibits a desire to have an ongoing relationship with G-d, living a Torah based lifestyle and the ability to engage meaningfully using Jewish texts and the Hebrew Language.
  3. Israel
    The Hillel Graduate is committed to Zionist ideals and supporting the State of Israel.
  4. Character
    The Hillel Graduate is compassionate, honest, and lives with integrity.
  5. Citizenship
    The Hillel Graduate is an involved and active member of the community.
  6. Culture
    The Hillel Graduate feels empowered to cultivate his/her innate abilities and talents.

Adapted: April 2012

Teacher Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Loves Children. I strive to interact inside and outside of the classroom in a way that demonstrates that I am here to teach them and wish them success every day.

Dedication. I consistently demonstrate mesirut nefesh by going above and beyond my written contractual obligations as I seek to educate our students and interact with our families.

Humility. I strive to be reflective and open to change at all times.

Integrity. I am accountable to the professional standards of our culture and community.

Commitment to the School and its Mission. I demonstrate through words and actions an earnest commitment to the school, its mission and purposes, its leadership and my peers.

Commitment to Colleagues. I consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to the personal and professional well-being of the faculty, administration and staff.

Behavioral Standards. I set and consistently role model and enforce appropriate standards for student behavior.

Professional Growth. I pursue career long professional development and am a life long learner.

Communication. I consistently use appropriate communication strategies to effectively convey to parents and students class and school expectations and accomplishments.

Intuitive. I use common sense and intuition in my decision making process.

Academic Standards. I support clear and appropriate challenging standards for each student in a child-centered environment.

Flexible. I strive to be flexible in engaging children according to their individual needs.

Enthusiasm. I demonstrate high levels of enthusiasm. I inspire enthusiasm in all of my students.

Socializing Knowledge. I am committed to communicating in class experimentation and outcomes with my colleagues as well as collaborating on the creation of materials and programs for my students.


Hillel was founded in 1948, starting with a handful of students in the basement of Beth Jacob Congregation. Hillel currently serves approximately 600 students from Early Childhood through 8th grade.

The establishment of Hillel became possible through the vision of its founder, Rabbi Dr. Simon A. Dolgin, zt"l. Under the direction of the Dean Emeritus, Rabbi Menachem A. Gottesman, a school was built that became a beacon of light in our community. In 2003, Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin assumed the mantle of leadership as Head of School. As we face the educational needs and challenges of the 21st century, Hillel has been blessed to have strong leaders who are constantly working to pursue its vision of academic excellence for all its students.