6 Sivan 5780 — ו סיון התשפ


Israeli Shinshinim

We are excited to partner with a new organization called Shinshinim. The Jewish Agency's Shinshinim are high-school graduates who choose to defer their military service for a year of service abroad. Shinshinim is a Hebrew acronym for 'shnat sherut,' meaning "year of service.

The Shinshinim program at Hillel is designed to bring ruach of yahadut and tzionot to our students and school Kehilla through personal relationships, visual artistic decoration, songs, activities, and programming. 

The Shinshin program is also designed to enhance, enrich and support the goals of our Ivrit department which include: speaking Ivrit to our students, supporting and creating programs and activities, enriching authentic connections and experiences to the curriculum, and boosting confidence in our students to speak Ivrit in a natural, comfortable environment.

In addition, the Shinshin program is designed to bring Israeli ruach into the broader community, to enhance the affect of chagim and Tefillot in an informal and formal Judaic and Ivrit educational activities, and to provide opportunities that strengthen connection with our talmidim and talmidot. 

This year we are blessed to work with Yael and Tohar. The girls love to get to know the extended Hillel community through Shabbat meals and other events. Please contact Dalia Golan, our Shinshinim coordinator at dgolan@hillelhebrew.org if you are interested in hosting them.