18 Kislev 5780 — יח כסלו התשפ

Meet Our Executive Administration

Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin - Head of school

Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin received Rabbinic ordination in 1982. Served as the Rabbi of Young Israel of Sunny Isles Beach. Received his JESNA Principals license in 1994 and became Dean of the RASG Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami in 1994. Rabbi Sufrin served as Chair of the Principals and Administrators Council (PAC) under auspices of the Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) from 1998 — 2000.

Rabbi Sufrin is currently Head of School of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy since July 2003. He served as an instructor for the AJU Teacher Training Program and currently gives a daily Daf Yomi Shiur, weekly adult education classes throughout the community, serves as guest lecturer at various events nationally, as well as sitting on various voluntary educational committees.

Rabbi Sufrin is the Prestigious 2014 Covenant Award Recipient.

Eitan Sender - Executive Director

Eitan Sender was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Ra'anana Israel. He received his BA from The Open University Tel Aviv in Business Management. Eitan has always placed his values on serving the Jewish Nation. He served as a commander in the IDF Special Forces and upon completing his service worked for the Israeli Government before moving with his wife to New York where he was the Director of Bnei Akiva New York, New Jersey and Boston for The Jewish Agency. Eitan became the Executive Director at Hillel in February 2017, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Hedva Lapin Sender and his daughter Yakira who is in Pre-Nursery here at Hillel. Eitan can be reached at esender@hillelhebrew.org.

Rabbi Zach Swigard - Middle School Principal: Judiac

Rabbi Zach Swigard has been at Hillel since 2011 and is a strong advocate for 21st century learning. He actively promotes a learner-centric environment that empowers students to take ownership over their learning. Rabbi Swigard previously served as our Director for Judaic Studies, Curriculum Integration Specialist, Student Council Advisor, and Middle School Mechanech. He also oversees a Twitter and WhatsApp chat, #jschat, which provides him with the opportunity to collaborate with Jewish educators all over the world. Rabbi Swigard lives in Pico with his wife, Devorah, and their three children, Rivka, Avi, and Rina. He can be reached at zswigard@hillelhebrew.org, on Facebook, or @zachswigard on Twitter.

Daphne Orenshein - Elementary School Principal: General

Daphne Orenshein was born in Haifa, Israel, and has been living in Los Angeles since age 6. A proud alumna of Hillel, she received a BA from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from California State University, Northridge. Over her 25-year career in education, she has taught Kindergarten through 5th grades and Algebra in Middle School, always infusing humor, creativity and respect into her classroom environment. She is a proud recipient of the Lainer Distinguished Educator Award, the Smotrich Award, the Golomb Memorial Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as being honored by Hillel and the Hillel PTA. Married to Jonathan Orenshein (an alum of Hillel as well) for 25 years, she is the proud mother of Kevin Adam, Jesse Isaac, Derek King and Brian Duke, all of whom are graduates of Hillel. She is thrilled beyond constraint to step into her new role at Hillel as the Associate Elementary Principal of General Studies. Daphne can be reached at dorenshein@hillelhebrew.org.

Chaya Kenigsberg - Director of Judaic Studies, Elementary School

Chaya Kenigsberg was born and went to school in the East Coast. She developed a passion for teaching during her years in seminary in Israel and received her Teacher’s Certificate from The Bnot Torah Institute in Jerusalem. After returning to NY, Chaya received her BA in Psychology from Touro College. After marriage, Chaya moved back to Israel where she took on the role of hospitality coordinator in a Yeshiva in Har Nof, Jerusalem. Chaya joined Hillel in 2008 teaching 5th grade. Over the past ten years, she has taught various grades in both elementary and middle school. She is known for her caring personality and close relationship with all of her students. Her belief in every child has guided her and permeated her class. Chaya can be reached at ckenigsberg@hillelhebrew.org.

Yirat Horwatt - Early Childhood Director

Yirat’s professional career as an educator began in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and most recently, she completed the UCLA Early Childhood Director Program. After completing a double major in geography and education, she taught as a middle school teacher in Maale Adumim and then transitioned to teaching younger students, where she found her calling in Hebrew Immersion. Her love of the Hebrew language and passion for the integration of עברית into educational programming led her to direct and manage Hebrew theater for five years. She also takes pride in her leadership role while working as staff coordinator, guidance counselor and Pesach Programming Director at Camp Ramah for the past three years. Yirat has 3 children at Hillel, one in Middle School, and two an Elementary. Her husband is also an educator and works as an educational therapist. Yirat has been working at Hillel for 4 years, starting as a Pre-1 teacher and Hebrew Immersion specialist for ECE. Last year she took on the role of Early Childhood Associate Director, as well as the hebrew immersion specialist. She is honored to now step into her new role as the Early Childhood Director. Yirat can be reached at yhorwatt@hillelhebrew.org.

Ilana Zadok - Director of Campus Life

Ilana Zadok received her BA from Queens College and a Master's Degree from American Jewish University (AJU). She holds a teaching certification from New York State and a certificate in Jewish education from AJU. Additionally, Ilana is trained in Responsive Classroom and as a Character Counts Coach. She has been teaching middle school Humanities in the Los Angeles community for fifteen years. Since joining the Hillel faculty in 2010, she has designed and written curriculum, pioneered Hillel’s transition in the use of flexible learning spaces, mentored new teachers in their teaching practices and acted as Special Program Coordinator. She lives in Los Angeles along with her husband, Yoni, a Hillel alumn (92’), and her son, Dylan, a current Hillel student. Mrs. Zadok can be reached at izadok@hillelhebrew.org.

Tracey Schreier - General Studies Principal

Tracey was born in Welkom (a small gold mining town) in South Africa. After graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a B Prim Ed, she began her formal teaching at Stephen S. Wise Elementary School, CA. Subsequently, she emigrated to Sydney Australia to join her large family where she taught at two of the leading Jewish Day Schools: The Emanuel School and Moriah College. Tracey has over 30 years of experience in Jewish education. At Moriah College she held a variety of leadership positions: Coordinator of Learning Engagement (Middle School), Coordinator of Mathematics (Middle School), Head of Department Mathematics (High School) and Head of The Elementary School.

Tracey identifies strongly with Hillel’s mission to provide excellent academic General Studies and unrivalled pastoral care without compromising the centrality of our Jewishness. She is a strong believer in personalised and engaged learning, ensuring the best outcomes for students and teachers by having high expectations, nurturing a collaborative culture and harnessing technology to leverage the 21stCentury skills. With her mathematics background, she has a particular interest in STEM, interdisciplinary thinking and metacognition. Tracey completed an intensive course run by the University of Pennsylvania on Positive Psychology for Educators. This helped her form her personal philosophy that schools need to nurture the social and emotional capacities in children in order to create resilient, optimistic and thriving children.

Tracey is married to Larry, and has two children. Her son, Daniel is completing his university studies in Civil Engineering and her daughter, Eden Lee, will commence her studies at university in Data Science and Decisions, next year.

Daniel Silverman - Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Silverman was born and raised in New York City, but has deep familial roots in Maine. He received his BS in Accounting in ’92 from Yeshiva University. Daniel is excited to be in a Torah environment every day at Hillel in his capacity as both CFO and Human Resources Director. He is jazzed to fuse his passions for helping people and providing accurate and timely information. Daniel is a CPA, having worked in public accounting and as CFO for a food distribution business. Daniel joined the Hillel team in November of 2018. Daniel and his wife Nomi (a Hillel alum) live in Los Angeles with their four children and a cute little dog named Pepper. When not at work, Daniel and Nomi enjoy celebrating Shabbat and Yom Tov with friends, taking long walks, or spending time with family on Sebago Lake. Daniel Silverman can be reached at dsilverman@hillelhebrew.org or at the 6 AM minyan at YICC.


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